jts - Java Transaction Service

License: Sun Binary Code License
Vendor: JPackage Project
JavaTM Transaction Service (JTS) specifies the implementation of a
Transaction Manager which supports the JavaTM Transaction API (JTA) 1.0
Specification at the high-level and implements the Java mapping of the
OMG Object Transaction Service (OTS) 1.1 Specification at the low-level.
JTS uses the standard CORBA ORB/TS interfaces and Internet Inter-ORB
Protocol (IIOP) for transaction context propagation between JTS
Transaction Managers.
A JTS Transaction Manager provides transaction services to the parties
involved in distributed transactions: the application server, the
resource manager, the standalone transactional application, and the
Communication Resource Manager (CRM).


jts-1.0-6jpp.src [9 KiB] Changelog by Ralph Apel (2008-01-30):
- To JPP-5.0 non-free (no free source for these bits)

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