jlfgr - Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository

License: Proprietary
Vendor: JPackage Project
These pages contain a collection of toolbar button graphics. The
graphics have been designed specifically for use with the JavaTM look
and feel. They conform to the Java look and feel Design Guidelines (see
the "Designing Button Graphics" section of the "Application Graphics"
chapter). A set of attributes accompanies each graphic. This information
can easily be used to create Swing Actions.

As the Human Interface Group, we strive to improve the user experience
for you and your end-users. This graphics repository provides you with
professional quality graphics that will save you development time. Your
end-users benefit by leveraging their knowledge of these graphics and
terminology across different Java look and feel applications.


jlfgr-1.0-4jpp.src [4 KiB] Changelog by Ralph Apel (2008-01-30):
- To JPP-5.0 (no other known source for this stuff)

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