java-1.4.2-kaffe - A free virtual machine for running Java(TM) code

License: GPL
Vendor: JPackage Project
Kaffe is a free virtual machine designed to execute Java(TM) bytecode.
Kaffe can be configured in two modes. In the first mode, it operates as
a pure bytecode interpreter (not unlike Javasoft's machine). In the
second mode, it performs "Just-In-Time" code conversion from the
abstract code to the host machine's native code.  The second mode will
ultimately allow execution of Java code at the same speed as standard
compiled code, while also maintaining the advantages and flexibility of
code independence.

Note that Sun's Swing 1.1.1 implementation also works with Kaffe.

Install the kaffe package if you need a Java virtual machine.


java-1.4.2-kaffe- [7.5 MiB] Changelog by David Walluck (2005-04-05):
- release

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